We have all heard the maxim that what can’t be measured cannot be managed. Performance measures are now widely used across all areas of business however if they are used incorrectly reduced performance may occur.

We use a team process with your leadership team to review your key performance measures and connect them to the most appropriate lead indicators. We then engage progressive levels of your business to own and impact the lead indicators.

Some common problems observed in the use of performance measures:

1. Performance measures that are not understood by the all levels of the business

2. Performance measures that have no link to actual activity

3. Managers not ‘owning’  performance measures because they don’t believe they can impact the results

4. No regular problem solving process (monthly, weekly, daily) to review  performance measures

5. Performance measures that are purely cost focussed and not balanced across other areas of quality, customer service and people.

6. Performance measures used primarily as a ‘stick’ to beat people over the head with rather than as a problem solving tool

7. Employees fudging data to achieve the  performance target

8. Unrealistic targets set for performance measures resulting in demotivation of staff

9. Performance being monitored with no clear target or expected standard set.

10. Performance measures displayed for the current time period only (day, week, month) with no comparison to previous time period
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