Target Audience: Senior Managers, Operational Managers, Mid-Level Managers.


  • Participants will understand the problem solving process and be able to apply it actual workplace problems from problem definition through to resolution.
  • Participants will create a system within their workplace to support ongoing problem solving for ‘gap closing’ and ‘setting’ type problems

The Workshop

  • The program for Managers introduces the concepts of behavioural factors in problem solving and the role managers play in creating and driving a problem solving culture. In relation to the Manager’s role, the concepts of systems thinking and the ‘setting’ of future problems are explored.
  • The following content is then covered in detail: Problem definition, analysis tools, cost/benefit approaches, managing implementation, measurement, standardisation and systemization and how to rapidly deploy across the business
  • Managers are required to bring current problems from their workplace.
  • Duration-Full day

On-Job Development/Action Learning Phase

  • Teams are formed and meet each fortnight to work through 2 separate problems to completion
  • Duration: 7 sessions over 14 weeks