Team Problem Solving

Using the power of people to get sustainable results

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What We Do

We partner with you to identify improvement opportunities within your business and engage your people at every stage of the process.

1. Process Improvement  We improve your business processes to save you time and money.

2. Problem Solving Training We use a problem solving method based on the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) approach. This ensures a common language is used to efficiently tackle problems.

3. Strategy We work with you to identify long term objectives and break these down into manageable steps.

4. Performance Measurement Key Performance Indicators are evaluated and broken into appropriate lag and lead measures. These measures are then used to drive business outcomes.

5. People Development Traditional classroom training alone has been shown to have little impact on behaviour change. We apply adult learning principles to develop your people and change behaviour.

6. Continuous Improvement Tools There are many different continuous improvement tools available. We use the appropriate problem solving tools based on your unique situation. 

How We Work

1. Continuous Improvement Strategy

2. Targeted improvement

3. Training and on-job development

4. In-house continuous improvement support

Proven Results

Company A

  • Through a team problem solving program the business has identified more than $2M of opportunity of which over $1.5M has been captured during the last 3 years
  • This program has driven greater accountability and involvement of all employees through embedding a problem solving process into daily work practice
  • Successfully integrated a team problem solving process for frontline employees with existing Six-Sigma approach

Company B

  • Strategy to save $1.8M/year across a major utilities business currently being implemented
  • Reviewed roles and responsibilities within a business unit to improve value-add and reduce non value-add. Projected to return over $200K/annum to business in cost savings
  • Established a continuous improvement system within a business unit recognised as best practice by independent auditors

Company C

  • 20% output increase within mobile and fixed concrete crushing business
  • 70% improvement in equipment turnaround within central high volume workshop through workflow analysis and improvement

Company D

  • Doubling of capacity at a major process line through value stream mapping and process improvement
  • Reduction of warranty cost by over 50% by process mapping and process improvement
  • Customer response and resolution times improved through team engagement and identification and application of required values and behaviours.

About Us

Team Problem Solving harnesses the power of people to transform businesses. Founder, Paul Furtado, has extensive experience implementing successful improvement programs across a wide range of industries including large scale manufacturing, utilities, construction and warehousing.

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